bruce-lee-kung-fu-quotes-13 copy“Limits are, were no limits are, using no way as a way”!


Our philosophy is based on a theory; it is not a fact. The only thing we can consider factual is the UNIVERSE. Therefore, we do not embrace traditional methods or belief systems because they set boundaries and separate humans.

We consider life to involve a necessary progress towards an internal balance. By means of an honest self-expression we search to develop the oneness by using Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. The ultimate goal is to find a harmonic balance between these aspects in order to guide us towards a higher level of CONSCIOUSNESS.

At AFA, we understand this as a NON STOP process of development which involves constantly receiving and filtering information. This idea is built upon a notion shared by master of martial arts and philosopher Bruce Lee: “WATER CAN ADAPT, FLOW OR IT CAN CRASH”.