now“Know how, is not always provided by norms or someone, it can be your own authentic way”. The time is always NOW (Kilometer 0)


A.F.A. is HUMAN BEING centered; THEREFORE, we want to support the global transformation of the educational system on planet earth.

We believe that the synthesis of the human being consists of 4 main levels: THE MIND, THE EMOTIONS, THE BODY AND THE SPIRIT, for this reason we are developing an environment that enhances intellectual capacity, emotional intelligence, physical education and spiritual awareness to build and implement a new educational system for people participating in football in order to develop human-athletes.

Our aim is to provide this program firstly to football club academies and football schools. Furthermore, we intend to make these programs available for football federations around the world with our final goal set on creating a powerful momentum of change in schools, colleges and universities introducing a holistic educational system to governmental authorities around the globe.