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Hello AFA Family & Dear friends,

I wish you a great Tuesday and a great week only with achievements and happy moments. This email is important for those people have or wish to have kids and are sensitive in the critical area of the EDUCATION of the their children.
Today i would like to share with you an amazing approach from one of the most INNOVATING, EXTRAORDINARY, SUCCESSFUL, HUMAN CENTER, EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM AND EDUCATION BASED COMPANY IN THE PLANET, MINDVALLEY. Best authors in the world publish their books and studies via their platform, best TEACHERS in  the planet are teaching via their programs and A.F.A. Consultancy ltd is supporter and collaborator in this life project.

Below you can see a video where Mindvalley presents A DIFFERENT APPROACH ON THE HUMANS EDUCATION VIA UNIVERSITY STUDIES: We create a new type of “university” and lifestyle for people who don’t want their kids growing up in an obsolete industrial-age system. But this is more than just for our children, it’s an attempt to change how we live, grow and develop, no matter if you’re 17 or 70. It`s a re-imagining of college, campus, curriculum and community for a new age. Watch for more below:

Warm AFA regards



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