Players & Parents

AFA Event

We organize camps and/or tournaments aiming to provide evaluation and education by experts for football players from all around the world.The program takes place in our high level training center in Madrid and in different countries in abroad. The players have the opportunity to be seen, evaluated and trained by Spanish and/or European coaches.

Spain: March & June

Abroad: December & May

AFA Footballer´s Believe

Footballer’s Believe is a program designed especially for football players over 14 years old. It is a unique experience that can lead to a LIFE OPPORTUNITY. The program takes place in AFA Pro Center located in Madrid. The players will have double trainings and will play friendly matches against Spanish FCs. Click here to see the 3 differents ways to participate.

Dates: 1 – 30 June

15 July – 15 August

AFA School

Our Personal Training School is located in Madrid, Spain. The main purposes of the School are the development, training and education of football players on a technical, mental, emotional level while offering an English and/or Spanish learning experience. We also organize visits-tours, educational events, summer camps and friendly matches against Spanish FCs.

Dates: All Year


AFA EXCLUSIVE program is a program that has been designed by AFA experts based on the client and/or associate needs. The client and/or associate can choose from a list of services in order to create a personalized combination of those services that adapts to their needs, deciding the objective of the program and choosing the dates and duration of the program according to the availability it has.

For more info, please contact us at marketing@football-afa.com


Professionals & Students

AFA Practice

Is a project that provides education, knowledge and experience to MBA and masters students and professional individuals who are football oriented and wish to have a practice period as well as to get inside  of A.F.A organization by working, learning, and gain experience next to experts in the field of football and prepare themselves for the first or the next step in their careers. We also organize educational visits where you can learn and create an international network.

Dates: All Year

AFA Society

AFA SOCIETY is aiming to build the first and the best innovating on line platform where all the specialist in the football industry can interact between them in a very special, friendly and football oriented environment.We will provide the most intelligent society around football, where ideas, projects, knowledge and experience will be in a regular flow for every member.

AFA Learn

Is an educational program mainly for professionals involved in the different areas of football such as coaches, trainers, directors, managers, etc. We organize different events, visits to football clubs, seminars, webinars, conferences, workshops and more activities where the participants can create a football network, learn and gain experience.

Dates: November and February


Companies, Football Clubs & Orgs

AFA Business Plan

Football club structure and development

(Business level)

AFA Technical Plan

Elite Academy Organization

(Technical level)

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"Το πρόγραμμα δοκιμαστικών της AFA μου πρόσφερε μόνο θετικά για την εξέλιξη μου. Κέρδισα εμπειρίες, φίλους και έμαθα ξένες γλώσσες…" Βασίλης Βιργιώτης/20 ετών (Ελλάδα)
"Honnêtement, je considère qu'il a une mentalité plus forte, grâce à ce projet, il a acquis plus de connaissances ...." - Video Sophia Achoui - Sami Bouchareb´s Mother
"AFA has greats programs with to many success stories in the last years" - Video Abdelrahman / 19 Years old (Egypt)
Captura"AFA me ha ayudado mucho como jugador y como persona" - Video Camilo / 20 años ( Colombia )