FDE & AFA Event Athens- 26-28 December 2016

The main purpose of the program is: training sessions (80%) with qualified coaches from Spain and the opportunity to be scouted for trial opportunities in Madrid (Spain) depending on the level of the players. Matches at the end of the trainings (20%)


A.F.A. CONSULTANCY LTD is a Life & Career Consultancy with programs and activities in the industry of football, sport tourism & SELF INNER DEVELOPMENT.
We use football as a tool to reach as many young people as possible in order to help humanity increase their level of conscious-awareness so they can be free leaders and owners of their own lives on a social, personal, and professional level.

AFA Event FDE Athens


FDE is a company founded in 2015 that work with football and provides high quality services in the field of development of football combining theory, practice, education and advisory.
We provide advice and mind training programs, physical fitness, emotional and mental development for the future professional footballers.
We promote talented players in Greece and abroad (Spain, England, Italy) to attend training programs or take part in friendly matches and been seen scouters.
We suggest professional solutions to players over 16 years in Greece and abroad.
We organize trips to entertainment through football, in Greece and abroad including for persons with disabilities.

AFA Event Athens FDE

Ways to participate:

  • Groups or Individuals -> Camp Try-Out -> Training Sessions / 3 days
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