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The program teaches you how to do the above based on a simple model of 80-20. What does this mean? It is what we call the 80% “Art of living” and 20% Mechanics. As life counselors working with humans, we have to ask an important question, “Which elements define the synthesis of the human being?”. We found the answer was simple: 4 areas, THE MIND, THE BODY, THE SPIRIT AND THE EMOTIONS.


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We find the appropriate specialize people to work with the player, and create opportunities worldwide. We study and filter knowledge from the best practices around the world, pure methods and tools that can provide us knowledge and information which can be adaptable and beneficial for every case of person we work with.

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Consciousness is the mental ability of an organism which allows, in extension of his 5 senses, to know and understand himself, the environment he lives in, what is happening around him and In him and to have as much as possible the sense of his ‘position’ and its importance to the world, and the impact of his actions to others.

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