Life counseling is a program that focuses on the main 3 levels of a person’s life, a) the professional, b) the personal, and c) the social level.

Important areas of lives like our relationships with our family, friends and with our own self, work and financial stability, professional potential, spirituality, health and self development need to be in a nonstop circle of CREATION, MAINTENANCE AND EVOLUTION.

The program teaches you how to do the above based on a simple model of 80-20. What does this mean? It is what we call the 80% “Art of living” and 20% Mechanics. As life counselors working with humans, we have to ask an important question, “Which elements define the synthesis of the human being?”. We found the answer was simple: 4 areas, THE MIND, THE BODY, THE SPIRIT AND THE EMOTIONS.

We teach you how to grow in these 4 areas in order for you to develop a higher consciousness and REACH YOUR BEST VERSION in whatever you do in life. If you decide to become a football player or whatever you wish to be, it will be easier to achieve your goals when you know how to apply your EMOTIONAL & INTELLECTUAL INTELLIGENCE, YOUR SPIRITUALITY (connecting with your inner being), YOUR PHYSICAL EDUCATION IN HARMONY.




We help and educate young people to reach their BEST VERSION which means to be a) HAPPY and b) FREE, so they can WIN FEAR and CREATE what they desire, have FUTURE EMPLOY-ABILITY (MONEY), have ACADEMIC & INNER DEVELOPMENT and IMPROVE OF RELATIONSHIPS. 



– Be aware and understand very well the Value of the counselling program and believe in it

– Understand and accept that priority of the program is the Development of the person-player and not the immediate transfer in a FC of abroad

– Player from 8 to 19 years old, OPEN to WILLING to receive help

– Contract agreement for 3 years minimum (for cases of personalized consulting)

– Packages of 3, 6 or 12 months (for cases of 1 on 1 program)

– Contract agreement for 3, 6 or 12 months (for cases of groups from 4-10 persons)

– Open minded persons with good knowledge of the inner development areas (psychology, neuroscience, business,life coaching) 

– English or Spanish speakers and writers

– Daily use of EMAIL account

– SKYPE account holder and very good internet connection







Learn how to create a life Vision & Mission, fell in love with it and make it happen

Define your Values, prioritize and clarify your Objectives in a Social, Personal and Professional level

Inner development in a Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional level, therefore you can improve in a technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspect of the game

Make the time run after you by learn to organize a time System Management (Priorities, goals, task, agenda, schedule)

Have a concrete strategy and planning that will help to start and flow to the manifestation of your goals and wishes

Learn how you can improve your relationships at home, work, school, and field with your girlfriend, family, friends and yourself

Financial Education & Management of your professional profile and communication





We find the appropriate specialize people to work with the player, and create opportunities worldwide. We study and filter knowledge from the best practices around the world, pure methods and tools that can provide us knowledge and information which can be adaptable and beneficial for every case of person we work with.

Some of the most important sectors we study are: football industry, life coaching & counseling, business strategies, spiritual catalyst, psychology, neuron-physics, quantum physics, universal laws and technology.

For the above reasons our stakeholders learn beyond knowledge frames and they can develop their CONSCIOUSNESS inside the Universal MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL & SPIRITUAL environment A.F.A. brings via Football.





Consciousness is the mental ability of an organism which allows, in extension of his 5 senses, to know and understand himself, the environment he lives in, what is happening around him and In him and to have as much as possible the sense of his ‘position’ and its importance to the world, and the impact of his actions to others.



Abdou Fuenlabrada Spain


Opportunity for TOP LEVEL PLAYERS ONLY are in extremely high level and competing in important leagues that gives them the capacity for highly professional career. The objective is to TRAVEL DIRECTLY to SPAIN in order to sign a professional football contract with a Spanish or European FC.

There are specific requirements for this form of participation, including age, high percentage of participation in current club, included in National Team roster, amongst others.

This program helps and supports the player comes in Spain until he is fully adapted in his new club and life.