A.F.A. Consultancy Ltd – Official Declaration

AFA Consultancy Ltd
Dear all,
This post is an official declaration from A.F.A. Consultancy Ltd to all football players, parents and collaborators related with scouting and trials events.
A.F.A. Consultancy ltd declares that from 2016 our company has no programs related to scouting and trials events with professional football clubs in Spain. Before the year 2016 everything concerning transfers of players and representations was authorized and managed by big agencies and agents authorized by FIFA or Spanish federation. Most of those agencies and individuals appear in our website.  
A.F.A. Consultancy ltd wants to declare that we never were familiar with the existence an agency called AGENCIA TALENTS based in Spain.
We came to the knowing that the agency called AGENCIA TALENTS is promoting on line via Instagram a collaboration with A.F.A. Consultancy ltd (see photo below). This is completely untrue. Our company never came in any kind of contact and/or collaboration with an agency called AGENCIA TALENTS. 
Agencia Talents
Furthermore, A.F.A. Consultancy Ltd never authorized the AGENCIA TALENT to use the name of our company nor any methodology, resources, infrastructure and network related to our organization. 
A.F.A. Consultancy ltd is taking all necessary legal measures against the AGENCIA TALENT, in relation with the intellectual property of our company.
The A.F.A. management


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